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Individuals and companies from all over the world develop or revise new products, services, and ideas everyday.  To help them keep up with the everchanging population, Product Testing Services plays host to an online community that enjoys being invited to evaluate products, services, and other ideas in a variety of ways. Often times these projects are incentivized for participating by the interviewing company.

As a member of the Product Testing Services' panel, you will receive email invitations to join these opportunities when they arise. You may also visit the website whenever you wish to participate in ongoing studies as well. Please note:

  • Membership is free.  You will never be charged any fees.
  • Your rewards for participating may include cash, product points, sweepstakes prizes, or keeping the evaluated product. These incentives are not provided by Product Testing Services.
  • We will never share your identifiable personal data with any third party.
  • We will not fill your email box with junk mail.
  • You may cancel at any time.


Welcome to Product Testing Services.