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Product Testing Services' goal is to create a fun, professional, environment where panelists (PTSters) deliver wide marketplace feedback for a variety of  products, services, or ideas to expedite an item's concept to market timeline.


In 1985, Product Testing Services became a very early pioneer in the online research industry by creating an opinion feedback tool that utilized it's community-based bulletin board system called Twin Cities Computer Network, or TCCN in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Product Testing Services' first client was a radio station whom received almost instantaneous audience feedback via TCCN.  This allowed the station to quickly analyze such feedback, then alter their programming to better reflect the audience's taste, increase audience, as well as advertising revenues.

The success of the community based feedback process was quickly identified by many companies including a Fortune 100 manufacturer and Product Testing Services was born. Product Testing Services created on-line questionnaires and delivered near instantaneous feedback which clients could quickly adjust to new, previously unknown demands. This process significantly reduced concept-to-market timeline as well as offered incredibly useful customer feedback. 

Today, PTS primarily focuses on closing the gap between product and end user by delivering wide marketplace feedback in a timely manner.  We work with a variety of market research leaders to provide the full spectrum of professional services to ensure the very best professional results are delivered.

We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Please contact us for more information.